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Complexity, Planning & Urbanism

New MArch Atelier at the Manchester School of Architecture: Developing new theoretical approaches & computational tools using a complexity science framework (systems, self-organisation, emergence, intelligence, structural change, adaptation) for the design, management, governance and understanding of future cities related to climate change, citizen participation, development strategies, resilient interventions, policy making, urban morphology and capacity management.

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Monthly archives for January, 2011


Python + Maya Experimentation mk1

This is my first attemt at cracking python script within Maya. I found that in order to render animations, I…


Maya: Introduction to Python

Demo: Manipulate objects according to distance to the 2 (or more) spheres Key ideas: connection editor – Maya blendShape –…


Segregational Circle Packing

Video for produced for the 6th year review on December 6th 2010. Student: Benjamin Minton Design Project 1 – Abstract…