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Complexity, Planning & Urbanism

New MArch Atelier at the Manchester School of Architecture: Developing new theoretical approaches & computational tools using a complexity science framework (systems, self-organisation, emergence, intelligence, structural change, adaptation) for the design, management, governance and understanding of future cities related to climate change, citizen participation, development strategies, resilient interventions, policy making, urban morphology and capacity management.

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Network Flow Analysis

Network Flow Analysis is a method to examine flow through networks. In Graph Theory (mathematical structures used to model pairwise relations…


Epidemiology in Urbanism – Student Population & the Manchester Corridor

Since epidemiology is a scientific, systematic approach to collect, analyse and interpret data, we can borrow it from public health…


Civic Chemistry – Desirability and Well-being Assessment Within Complex Urban Systems

Cities are complex dynamic systems consisting of millions of small individual factors working together in a chaotically interlinked way. Conventionally,…


The Relationship Between Population, Regeneration And Waste Within East Manchester

Through mapping and research, we will begin to analyse the relationship between population, regeneration and waste within specific council wards…

An Application That Looks At The Issues Of Recycling And Development

    The aim of this application tool is to enable the residents of East Manchester to have a say…


Linking Between Observational Scale & Surveyed Datasets

  Determining relationships between a human scale observation (building use) and large scale datasets (national survey at ward level) provides…


Testing Densities

The project aims to create volumetric density and programmatic variety – to provide a space for living, working and visiting…

Experimental Housing Typology for Miles Platting

  Proposed scale of new development based on existing site build. Creating appropriate streetscape by incorporating lower floors for retail….

Space Event Movement

Miles Platting is undergoing a huge transformation. Currently, it is a quiet residential family-based neighbourhood and I wish to maintain…

One Rochdale Park – Low Energy Housing within an Ecological Landscape

A master planning of a zero carbon urban housing scheme on the site of the former Jackson’s Brickwork in Newton…