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Complexity, Planning & Urbanism

New MArch Atelier at the Manchester School of Architecture: Developing new theoretical approaches & computational tools using a complexity science framework (systems, self-organisation, emergence, intelligence, structural change, adaptation) for the design, management, governance and understanding of future cities related to climate change, citizen participation, development strategies, resilient interventions, policy making, urban morphology and capacity management.

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Embedding existing schools as the centres of communities in new urban developments


Analysis of historical patterns reflected that schools were hubs for cultural and social life in East Manchester but the new large scale developments that were studied ignored connections to the existing schools. I am examining how an existing educational facility and its gravitational field can be embedded in new urban developments by considering it the centre of the community. Mapping the schools and their current connectivity will generate the initial state of the development, where only major roads are taken into consideration. Then a tool will be created that visualises different urban patterns around the school providing several scenarios of connectivity, urban typologies and land plot sizes. The scenarios will be based on rules such as roads hierarchy and land plot sizes to facilitate the exploration of different options when the area around an existing school is regenerated. The images show experimentation with street sketching and generation of various plots based on the street patterns created.

Manchester School of Architecture. MArch Program. CPU (Complexity Planning & Urbanism)

Student: Plamena Yotova

Supervisors: Ulysses Sengupta, Rob Hyde, Deljana Iossifova

24 April 2015