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Complexity, Planning & Urbanism

New MArch Atelier at the Manchester School of Architecture: Developing new theoretical approaches & computational tools using a complexity science framework (systems, self-organisation, emergence, intelligence, structural change, adaptation) for the design, management, governance and understanding of future cities related to climate change, citizen participation, development strategies, resilient interventions, policy making, urban morphology and capacity management.

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Experimental Housing Typology for Miles Platting


Proposed scale of new development based on existing site build.

Creating appropriate streetscape by incorporating lower floors for retail.

Unit floor plans can be adapted for different demographics.

 Mixing various demographics into a single housing block to improve community resilience (by creating activity, enhancing security, etc).

This project proposes a new housing typology for Miles Plating based on 3 main issues: (a) Single demographic housing islands; (b) The current housing layout is thought to contribute to negative social behaviour; and (c) The current housing stock is energy consuming. To address these issues, I propose a mixed demographics housing with minimal energy consumption. To do this, I will experiment with unit layouts to create adaptable plans which can cater for multiple demographics. Experiments will also be done on the block and street scale to test their compatibility and response to environmental strategies.

Manchester School of Architecture. MArch Program. CPU (Complexity Planning & Urbanism)

Student: Farah Mohd Jais

Supervisors: Ulysses Sengupta, Rob Hyde, Deljana Iossifova

24 April 2015
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